11 Unique Wedding Photos You’ll Want to Capture

Image of a camera with a heart shaped lens with a wedding photo.

We’ve all seen the timeless and traditional wedding photos, but there are many unique shots that will capture your special day from a different perspective. We’ve gathered some of the most unique shots from wedding photographers on ENVY to consider for your scrapbook. From fun and creative poses to intimate and candid shots, we’ve put together this ultimate guide to prevent you from the regret of wishing you had snapped a certain shot! Once you have a vision in mind, book your wedding photographer on ENVY!

First look with the bridesmaids

No one will appreciate your hair, makeup, and dress more than your girls! Make sure to get a first look reaction photo with your bridesmaids!

Photo of a bride doing a first look reveal with her bridesmaids.
Studio Grand Rapids
Grand Rapids, MI

The groomsmen strut

The men need a fierce and glamorous moment in the wedding photos too! Have the groom and groomsmen strut their stuff towards the camera for an epic wedding shot celebrating confidence and friendship.

A group of groomsmen led by the groom strutting towards the camera with their jackets thrown over their shoulder.
Lauren Steckelberg
Virginia Beach, VA

A moment for the bouquet

Don’t forget to have your photographer snap some shots of your accessories and wedding decor. No matter what you do with your bouquet after your big day, you’ll want to cherish its beauty in full bloom with a solo snapshot. Find a florist in your area who can create a stunning arrangement for your wedding!

Holding hands at the altar

This shot captures love and commitment on your special day. A close up of you two holding hands during the exchange of vows displays a heartwarming moment and timeless tradition.

A close up shot of a bride and groom holing hands at the altar.
Amanda McGowan
Winston-Salem, NC

Lipstick in the mirror

A solo mirror shot of you touching up your makeup will capture the intimate and personal moment before you walk down the aisle.

A bride touching up her lipstick in the mirror before her wedding.
Carina Ramirez
San Jose, CA

Grooming the groom

Your husband will appreciate some behind the scenes shots of him tying his tie, polishing his shoes, and putting on his cuff links. These will show the excitement and anticipation the groom is feeling before the ceremony. This shot is often overlooked, as most wedding prep photos focus on the bride and her glam team.

Black and white photo of a groom looking down at his sleeve as he puts on his cufflinks.
Lauren Steckelberg
Virginia Beach, VA

The paw-fect wedding photo

Attention dog lovers!!! We have the perfect shot to incorporate your furry friend. This heartwarming photo not only shows the bond between the newlyweds, but also the significance their pet has in their lives.

A bride's hand on top of the groom's hand showing off their wedding rings. Their dog's paw is resting over the bride's hand.
Kelly Loeffler
Bloomington, MN

Toasting to forever

After you tie the knot, take an intimate, celebratory photo with a drink of your choice. You can feel the magic and romance through the lens of this loving shot. Cheers!

A bride and groom lean in for a kiss with their foreheads together as they clink champagne glasses.
Lynzie Burdick
Charleston, SC

Legacy of love

A photo that represents three generations of love will be a memorable keepsake for everyone in your family. Capturing the rings side by side will highlight the similarities and differences between each woman’s unique style.

Three generations of women hold their hand out to show off their wedding rings.
Stephanie Kotaniemi
Portland, OR

The dress

You’re going to have thousands of photos in the dress, but make sure you have a photo of the dress. It will allow you to remember every detail and appreciate one of the most important (and expensive) items of clothing you’ll ever wear.

A wedding dress on a hanger hung from an arch on a green field.
Lauren Steckelberg
Virginia Beach, VA

Dance the night away

In addition to the first dance photos, have your photographer snap a couple pictures of the newlyweds letting loose and really dancing. Have some fun and celebrate because the countless months of planning are finally over!

A bride and groom kissing under the bright and colorful lights on the dance floor.
Kari Bjorn
Fayetteville, AR
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