Tips for Finding a Local Balloon Artist

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You’ve decided you want a balloon installation at your next event. Great! Now it’s time to find a balloon artist who can make your dream decor come to life. Since a balloon installation will be the focal point of your event, you’ll want to make sure you’ll be happy with the final product. With this in mind, hiring the right balloon artist is key to ensure sure the job is done right. We asked some of our most talented balloon artists for things to keep in mind when hiring in your area. Keep reading to see what they had to say!

Communicate your vision

A clear tent in a yard with decorations and a green, pink and orange balloon garland draping the tent's entrance.
Melinda Allard

Firstly, no event is too big or too small, the addition of balloons can enhance any occasion/celebration. If you have a vision don’t be afraid to communicate that to the balloon stylist. We’re here to help you celebrate and every little detail counts to making that a success!

Melinda Allard, Orlando, FL

Blue, gold and white balloons surrounding a backdrop and couch for a bear themed baby shower.
Alysea Webb

Book your Venue first and then book your decorator.

Alysea Webb, Atlanta, GA

Make sure you find a balloon artist that fits your vision

A pink wall and silver shimmer wall decorated with shells and purple/pink balloons for a mermaid themed birthday party.
Melinda Allard

Shop around! Every balloon stylist has their own specific style and services, so find the stylist that fits you, your vision and your celebration the best!

Melinda Allard, Orlando, FL

Clear balloons in a bathtub to look like a bubble bath with a balloon garland in different shades of pink surrounding the tub.
Alexis Casperson

Don’t be afraid to ask multiple people for quotes and information about your vision. Finding someone who communicates on a level you connect with will enhance your experience and get more clarity between you and your vendor. 

Alexis Casperson, Cedar City, UT

blue and silver balloon garland around a company's logo for a corporate event.
Alexis Casperson

Look for companies that pride themselves on serving customers. Your experience will be determined on how highly that company sees you and values you. 

Alexis Casperson, Cedar City, UT

Be open minded with your budget

An orange, pink and yellow balloon garland decorated with sunflowers for an outdoor event.
Michelle Smith

One tip would be to be open minded with your budget when it comes to balloon decor. Understanding that it’s so much more to this job than just blowing up balloons. As a balloon stylist our clients are expecting quality work from us which means that we have to provide quality materials which are pretty pricey. It’s our time, labor and our creativity to provide a quality installation to make each event magical.

Michelle Smith, Nashville, TN

    Do you want your balloons delivered?

    Clients have the option of either getting an arrangement delivered and installed or the option of a ‘Grab & Go,’ which means the arrangement is prepared and ‘ready to hang’ but the client picks it up and installs on their own with the help of instructions to-go.

    Katelen Watkins, Nashville, TN

    Do your research

    When seeking balloon decor for an upcoming event, if you know where you would like the balloons to be installed, having measurements, photos, and/or video is helpful to move the process along efficiently so a quote can be provided.

    Katelen Watkins, Nashville, TN

    A large blue and silver balloon arch and white balloon "trees" decorated with silver spike balloons creating a winter wonderland.
    Katelen Watkins

    Because garlands are not measured by linear foot, you may order a 20ft garland but that doesn’t mean it will be 20ft long. It means there will be 20ft worth of garland to account for length and body/thickness. If the garland was 20ft long, it would essentially be thin with no shape or thickness. For example, if you order a 20ft garland, it may actually be 16ft long with other 4ft being distributed throughout the garland to create thickness and the organic look.

    Katelen Watkins, Nashville, TN

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