Step into a Barbie World with These ENVY Services

Barbie X Envy graphic

We’ve been counting down the days until the new Barbie movie is released (July 21st for those who aren’t aware). Barbie has been a style icon since her debut in 1959, and in 2023 we’re still seeing “Barbiecore” all over social media surrounding the film’s highly anticipated release. We’ve gathered all things Barbie on ENVY to give you a glimpse of the fantastic life in plastic. From beauty looks to photo backdrops, these services will help you live your dream life in pink. Forget “hot girl summer,” it’s “Barbie girl summer.”

Balloon Backdrop

If you’re planning a party or an event for the movie’s release, this balloon installation is a great photo opportunity for your guests. Step inside this life-size Barbie box to feel like a real-life doll!

A life size, pink barbie box with a pink, gold and white balloon garland.
Michelle Smith
Nashville, TN

Themed Cake

What better way to celebrate than with a cake? We love this adorable, two-tiered Barbie-themed treat for a birthday party or a movie premiere.

A two-tiered white cake with hot pink icing dripping down the edges, a barbie decal, and pink macaroons.
Martesha Gadsden
Detroit, MI

Pink Eyeshadow

Grabbing a drink with friends before the premiere? These bold eye makeup looks are fabulous for a night out and include Barbie’s signature color!

Bold, hot pink eyeshadow outlined with a black liner.
Geena LeCorgne
Burbank, CA
Woman with ombre pink eyeshadow and long lashes
Rajanee Miles
Norwalk, CA

Pink Nails with Decals

Between the pink sparkles and rhinestone decals, this manicure is the perfect accessory to complete your Barbie look.

A mix of light pink and hot pink nails with rhinestone and floral decals.
Michelle King
Omaha, NE

Barbie Blonde

Searches for “blonde hair” have skyrocketed since the movie trailer debuted in April. Barbie’s blonde hair is one of the most iconic parts of her look. Steal her style by booking a hair appointment on ENVY.

A woman with blonde hair and Hollywood waves.
Anjela Drobot
New York, NY
Back of a woman's head with blonde hair
Payton Evans
Ogden, UT

Themed Maternity Photoshoot

This Barbie photoshoot concept is such a cute idea – especially for a baby girl’s gender reveal!

A maternity photoshoot of a pregnant woman sitting down and blowing a bubblegum bubble wearing a barbie sweatshirt with pink glasses.
Janessa Taber
Gridley, CA

Barbie Glam

This makeup look reminds us of the iconic barbie glam. Take inspiration from the iconic doll with these pink lips, shimmer eyes, and long lashes.

Caitlin Wyman
Santa Monica, CA

Barbie Pink Hair

Commit to your love for pink with this hair color. This light pink is such a fun color for summer!

A woman with long, light pink hair.
Mari Nazaryan
Burbank, CA

Shoe Organization

The only thing more iconic than Barbie pink is Barbie’s sense of style. We can only imagine what her closet looks like! A professional organizer can help you utilize your space and showcase your favorite items. Check out ENVY’s article on How to Transform your Closet for more ideas on how to create the closet of your dreams.

A close up image of an organized closet's shoe section.
Ashleigh Parish
Augusta, GA
An organized closet with clothes on hangers evenly spaced
San Francisco, CA
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