FAQ & Support

What is Envy?

ENVY is a visual marketplace for local beauty services. Find what you want, where you want it, by the person who did it. All through images.

How do I use Envy to find what I want?

Simply select your service, select your location and start browsing looks. When you find the look that you want, click for more details or select the “Book Now” button to contact the service provider directly.

Is ENVY a review site?

No, it is a discovery platform. Whereas written “reviews” tend to be opinion-based, we believe images are objective. ENVY is meant to help consumers discover new looks by allowing them to decide what they think for themselves.

How do I post on Envy?

Once you’ve created an account by going through the “Sign Up” process, select “Post Your Look”. Upload a photo of the service you had done, tell us about the service in our category menu (select all that apply), enter business name, select the provider, write a comment, and hit post! It will show up on your profile, as well as the service provider’s profile.

What if the business I want to attach to a post isn’t in the system?

When you search for your business, if it does not appear, select “Add your business” in the business search drop down. Fill out the form and submit.

What if my service provider is not in the system?

You can add your service provider to the system during the posting process. Make sure you’ve found the correct business in the business tab. If you are certain you’ve found the right one and they are still not listed as a provider, select  “Add a service provider” and enter their name.

Are all of my posts public?

Yes. ENVY is a public platform that is meant to provide value through sharing.

I had a bad experience with a provider. Should I share this on Envy?

If you had a bad experience and would like to “tell” other potential clients about it, we feel there are other platforms better suited for this dialogue.

Can I edit a post once it’s posted?

Yes. Click on the post you would like to edit. To the right of “Posted By:” you will see a three dot menu. Click on it and select “Edit Post”.

What if I don’t see the category I want to post to in the system?

As long as it falls under the parent categories ENVY is already making available (Hair, Makeup, Nails, Lashes, Brows, & Cosmetic), then we suggest you select the closest category. You can also select “suggest a category” during the category selection process and tell us what you would like us to add. Once we review we’ll send you an email.

Can I post any category I want, regardless of what the image subject is?

ENVY has the right to adjust categories based on our search criteria guidelines. If we feel that an image isn’t accurately being described. i.e. someone has red hair but it’s marked as blonde, our moderators will adjust it or remove the post entirely.

Can I post multiple photos in one post?

No. One photo is one individual post.

Can I change my username?

Yes, in settings.

Why does Envy restrict the use of hashtags?

ENVY wants to help consumers find exactly what they want. By restricting the use of hashtags, we help to make sure you find exactly what you are searching using our category selection in place of hashtags.

I see an image that is inappropriate content.

You can flag an image that you find to be offensive or inappropriate content by selecting the three dot menu on post details. Select “Flag this post”. It will then be reviewed by an ENVY moderator. If you feel an image you posted has wrongfully been flagged, please email us at [email protected].

Someone posted an image of me that I don’t want shared.

If you feel someone such as a provider has posted an image of you without your consent and after contacting them to remove it, they still haven’t, please email us a link to the image at [email protected]. These images will remain on the person who owns the post profile, however they will not appear on your profile page or come up in any search results.

What are Envy Galleries?

ENVY Galleries allow you to save posts to your profile for later viewing. You can create as many as you like and personalize them to your liking. Select the “+ENVY Gallery” button on any post to add to an existing gallery or create a new one.