7 Colorful Spring Nail Designs For Your Next Manicure

Cover image of 3 spring nail designs

We’re finally headed into the warmer months, which means we’ll be seeing lots of colorful manicures and funky nail art! Experimenting with new colors and designs will give your style a fresh and unique look. We’ve gathered some of our favorite spring nail designs to save for your next appointment. Love a look? Click the image to book directly with each nail tech!

Polka Dots

Polka dots are everywhere right now! This joyful nail design is an easy way to incorporate all of your favorite spring colors into one look. Start with a neutral base coat and use a dotting tool to quickly achieve perfect, symmetrical circles.

Long nails with a nude base and bright colored polka dots covering each nail.
Myesha Turner
Charlotte, NC

Abstract Patterns

For a bold and modern manicure, go for an abstract pattern. Adding some black and white accents will really make the pattern pop. This mixture of blobs and swirls make it feel like you’re wearing a piece of art on your nails.

Nail design on short nails with an abstract pattern consisting of peach, yellow, white, and black dots and swirls.
Germayne Ilboudo
Jersey City, NJ

Colorful Blobs

We’re obsessed with this unique design. BAM! Nail Studio in Los Angeles was inspired by Seth Rogen’s pottery, so they turned the household item into a funky, textured nail design for spring.

Long nails with bright and colorful designs and globs of paint.
Los Angeles, CA

Mix & Match

When it comes to fun spring nail designs, a mix & match look will make you smile every time you look down at your hands. You won’t have to decide on a color — you’ll be choosing them all!

A mix & match nail design with a different pattern on each nail; Patterns include clouds, a smiley face, daisies, flames and pink and yellow swirls.
Mari Soto
Dallas, TX

Rhinestone Flowers

We’ll see lots of floral designs this spring, so take the trend one step further with this rhinestone flower manicure! How glamorous would these nails look paired with some funky, colorful jewelry?!

Long nails with a nude base and flowers decals made out of rhinestones.
Lydia Medina
Wichita, KS

Hand-Painted Flowers

These delicate floral designs are beautifully executed. The pastel colors keep this look light and airy, making it the perfect spring manicure. Check out Lisa’s ENVY profile for more fun nail designs.

Short nails with a nude base coat and delicate floral designs painted on each nail.
Lisa Selenschek
Grayslake, IL

Colorful Outlines

Start with a neutral base color and then choose your favorite spring colors to outline each nail. This subtle pop of color makes for a fun and chic spring manicure.

Medium length nails with a light base color and an orange and purple outline around each nail.
Xiomara Duque
Chicago, IL

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