Spring Cleaning Tips from Professional Organizers

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Spring cleaning gives us the opportunity to declutter, reorganize, and refresh our lives and homes as we enter a new season. However, the idea of spring cleaning can be overwhelming. Where do you even start? What should be the priority? With the right mindset and solid plan, spring cleaning can be a satisfying and productive experience. We’ve reached out to some of the best professional organizers on ENVY for their tips to help you tackle spring cleaning like a pro. Roll up your sleeves and let’s get started!

“The warmer weather seems to spark renewed energy in many people. Use that energy to create a lighter, brighter, more organized home that you can enjoy this Spring.” – Janet Schiesl, Centreville, VA

Spring cleaning starts with decluttering

This year, before you even think about spring cleaning, declutter first! Think about it…why dust around unwanted toys or move ill fitting clothes to vacuum? Cleaning is oh so much easier when you’ve decluttered the space first. Before you grab that dust rag, take time to return wanted items to their homes and fill a box with unwanted items for your local Buy Nothing group or thrift store.

Naomi Hertsgaard, Minneapolis, MN

Consider letting go of items that have just been sitting around and taking up space. If you haven’t used an item in a while, reintroduce yourself to it and ask yourself if it still functions, serves a purpose or brings you happiness.

Danielle Nicholas, Wilmington, MA

Organize your apps

Want a quick decluttering win without getting off the couch? Delete apps you haven’t used this past year. Can’t bring yourself to say goodbye to Candy Crush? Create a folder for rarely used apps to get them off your home screen. To tidy up your home screen further, create more folders to keep similar apps together. For example, make folders for food, shopping, entertainment, health and finance apps.

Amanda Clark, Orange, CA

Tidy up the kid’s area

Kid’s areas can quickly become overrun with items they are no longer playing with or wearing. Especially when kids are young they develop at such a fast pace that what they were playing with or reading just a few months ago is no longer appropriate. Use this time to clear out those items. Whether passing along to a friend or relative, or donating, there is a demand for kid’s items. It is also important to toss anything that is not in good condition. Don’t keep the games with missing pieces. 

Juliana Meidl, Rochester, MI

Pack away your winter items

You probably have some things that you won’t be needing for many months, maybe holiday decor or seasonal clothing. These are things that you know you will need and use in the next 6 to 9 months. Now that the weather is warming, pack those things away. Store them in an out-of-the-way area of your home. By boxing up items and labeling the contents on the box you’ll be able to put your possessions in storage and also be able to find them when they are needed again.

Janet Schiesl, Centreville, VA

Before putting winter jackets and snow pants away, wash them! Storing dirty winter clothes isn’t good for them and you’ll be sorry come Fall. Mittens and gloves included! Additionally, dry clean or properly clean any winter sweaters that you wore often before tucking them away.

Naomi Hertsgaard, Minneapolis, MN

A garage with lots of storage bins.
Janet Schiesl – Centreville, VA

Never leave a room empty handed

At home, never leave a room empty handed. Relocate it to its proper place when walking to another room. This will help items from becoming clutter. 

Amanda Clark, Orange, CA

A minimalist mindset

Be mindful of your environment. Your home is a living space not storage space. If you don’t have tons of space, you can’t have tons of stuff. Play the minimalist game: Day 1 -donate 1 item, Day 2 -donate 2 items, Day 3 – donate 3 items for every day of the month.

Olivia Pera, Chicago, IL

A before and after photo of a room that has been cleaned and organized. In the before image, the room is filled with boxes and clutter.
Olivia Pera – Chicago, IL

Clear your closet

Take everything out of your closet. Yes, everything! This will give you a fresh start and help you see exactly what you’re working with. You might be surprised at how much space you actually have. While your closet is empty, take the opportunity to give it a thorough cleaning—dust the shelves, vacuum the floor, and wipe down any surfaces. (Check out more closet organization tips from Kristin in this article.)

Kristin + Co Organizing, Wilmington, NC

Now is the perfect time to go through your Spring and Summer clothes. Most thrift shops or resale shops prefer in-season or almost in-season donations. I recommend clients try everything on. Do you like how you feel in it? Do you like how you look in it? If not, time for a new owner. Oh, and shop your own closet for Spring and Summer clothes before buying anything new! You may be surprised by how many items you forgot you had or which items you are excited about wearing again.

Naomi Hertsgaard, Minneapolis, MN

Use the change of seasons to take inventory of the items you didn’t wear this past season. If you didn’t wear it over the past year it is a great time to donate. It is also a great time to really assess your spring and summer items to make sure they still fit your current lifestyle. Your closet should be full of items that make you feel good and that you know you will wear. 

Juliana Meidl, Rochester, MI

Clear the clutter outdoors

It’s probably been awhile since you spent sometime outside, so a good clearing and cleaning is in order. Whether it’s a balcony, driveway or pool side, Spring is the perfect time to look at these spaces with renewed interest and energy. Ask yourself how you want to use the space this season. Do you want to entertain? Or maybe start a garden? Keep your plans in mind as you review what’s living in your outdoor area now. Does it support how you want to use the space? If not, let if go.

Janet Schiesl, Centreville, VA

Spread out your spring cleaning

Set a date to complete larger, more overwhelming tasks. Make it a goal to get these problem areas done by June so you can enjoy the summer clutter-free and organized! Additionally, extend the idea of “spring cleaning” into other seasons. The practice of resetting and putting care into our homes can be so rewarding and beneficial to our wellbeing.

Danielle Nicholas, Wilmington, MA

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