4 Nail Ideas to Try

4 Cool Nail Ideas Yellow Black Lavender

We’ve gathered the latest nail ideas from manicurists that will have you making a statement. Check out the incredible manicure artists below.

1. Yellow and Black French Tip Nail Design

Nails with Yellow and black french tips

EMILY VO, San Diego, CA

Putting a twist on the traditional French-Tip inspired nail ideas is all the rage right now. As opposed to the simple white tip, try bold high contrasting nail colors like this yellow and black design that adds flare while maintaining a classic look.

2. Checkers Nails with a Twist

Photo of nails with mix and match manicure with brown and beige checkers

Daisy Alvarado, Phoenix, AZ

Mix-and-match nails ideas have really taken off. Why have just one accent nail when you can spread a creative design across ten nails instead! This reddish brown and nude mixed checkered nail style is as different as it is stunning. Pair it with a Hollywood red lip!

3. Neon accented nails

Photo of manicured nails with beige and neon yellow outline

Lisset Morales, Hollywood, FL

Neon nails. They are what’s hot now! Adding in subtle pops of color like this neon yellow outline of traditional beige nails can add a beautiful trendy twist on otherwise “basic” nails.

4. Two-Tone Nails

Photo of two-tone purple manicure with gold jewel accents

Tammy Nguyen, Anaheim, CA

Add the idea of dimension to your nail design by going for a dual-toned look is another trend we’re seeing on Envy. Add in some jeweled accents to your nails as seen on this gorgeous look and it’s really a work of art.

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