Perfect Brows in 4 Easy Steps

Perfect Brow Techniques

Easy tips for the best brows look.

1. First clean and shape your brows

Are your brows on fleek? Get the perfect eyebrow look with these four quick steps. Utilize brow waxing for a more orderly look or threading for a perfect definition. Shop brow shaping services near you.

Farida, Phoenix, AZ

2. Tint your brows

Bring out your newly perfect brows by accentuating their shape and giving them a bold color appearance.

Before and after photo of tinted eyebrows.

Erin, Atlanta, GA

3. Brow fill in technique

Fill in your eyebrows with a color to match your brow hairs to correct and complete your overall desired look and shape.

photo of brow fill in Ombré

Linda Otero, Milton, FL

4. Finally, highlights will close the deal on perfect brows

Highlighting the bottom of your eyebrows to give them that perfect, clean and lifted look.

Genine Menefield, Covington, KY

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