4 Quick Makeup Inspiration Looks

photo of beautiful dark skin woman with glowing skin

In a hurry to freshen up your look? We’ve collected four subtle makeup inspirations to update your daytime look in a snap. You’ll love these looks we’ve gathered for you.

1. Blushy cheeks

photo of women with blonde hair and blushy cheek makeup inspiration
Maricella – Houston, TX

Nothing says effortless makeup style like blushy cheeks. Add in a subtle a smokey eye to bring out your eye makeup and pair it with a nude lip to bring it all together. Find daytime makeup inspiration looks near you.

2. Bronze eye makeup

photo of women with bronze eye makeup and highlighted cheek bones
Celine Seendore – Chatsworth, CA

Neutral tones combined with a bronzy eye makeup look and a highlight of the cheekbone scream fresh vibes. Search for bronze eye makeup inspiration near you.

3. Glowing Skin

woman with dark skin glam makeup
Caitlin Gordon – Los Angeles, CA

Less is definitely a major makeup inspiration in recent years. This subtle glam makeup look by Caitlin is a home run for an inspirational look with her glowing touches. Find a makeup artist in your area that specializes in dark brown skin.

4. Add boldness into your lips

women with bold makeup inspiration and bright lipstick
Lauren Reid – Phoenix, AZ

Be bold with your makeup. Bright, statement-making lips are a great way to draw attention. Pair it with matching earrings or a necklace to tie it all together. Shop for makeup artists for fair skin in your local area.

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