Pride Makeup Looks Inspired by Each Flag

Makeup has always played a significant role in reflecting personal identity and self-expression. What better way to celebrate diversity and inclusivity during Pride Month than through a vibrant collection of eye makeup looks inspired by each iconic pride flag?

These stunning pride makeup looks not only celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, but also serve as a visual expression of love, acceptance, and unity. From the colorful Rainbow Flag to the various flags representing different LGBTQ+ communities, each eye makeup look highlights the beauty of diversity.

Whether you identify as a member of the LGBTQ+ community or are simply an ally seeking to celebrate and support, these eyeshadow looks are the perfect way to make a statement at your next Pride Parade!

Gay Rainbow

A woman with rainbow eyeshadow; One eye has the colors red orange and yellow and the other green blue and purple.
Adriana Arrieta
Orlando, FL

Lesbian – Shades of Pink, Orange & White

A woman with orange eyeshadow on her lids and under her eyes with hot pink eyeshadow in the inner and outer corners.
Caitlin Gordon
Los Angeles, CA

Bisexual Pink, Purple & Blue

A woman with blue eyeshadow on her inner corner, pink eyeshadow on the outer corner, and white eyeshadow on her eyelid.
Briana Lamegos
Las Vegas, NV

Transgender Light Blue, Pink & White

A woman with long eyelashes and blue eyeshadow on her lower waterline with pink shimmer eyeshadow on her crease and a white highlight.
CaSandra Cantue
Houston, TX

GenderqueerLavender, White & Green

A woman with pink eyeshadow on her crease, green eyeshadow under the eye, and white eyeshadow/highlight in the inner corner of her eye.
Charleston, SC

Intersex Yellow and Purple

A woman with bright yellow eyeshadow on her eyelid and purple eyeshadow on the outer corners of the eye.
Kenniya Harper
Union City, GA

Asexual Black, Grey, White & Purple

A woman with a bold eyeshadow look consisting of purple, white, black and grey colors.

Mykala Toler

Orange, TX

Nonbinary  – Yellow, White, Purple & Black

Eyeshadow look with yellow inner corners, white on her upper eyelid, and purple on her outer corners creating a butterfly look with a black outline and rhinestones.
I’isha Natay
Las Vegas, NV

Pansexual Yellow, Pink & Blue

A blended eyeshadow look with yellow on the inner corner, pink on the crease and a bright blue eyeliner.
Diana Perez
New York, NY

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