How to Stay Organized and Keep Your Business Stress-Free This Holiday Season!

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The most wonderful time of the year can also be the most stressful! Between back-to-back appointments and holiday obligations, it can feel overwhelming keeping up with your daily routine. Prepare for the hustle and bustle of the holidays by maximizing your time in order to make this year the most successful holiday season yet! ENVY artists from across the U.S. gave us their favorite tips on how to stay organized this holiday season. Try and implement these 7 practices into your business so you can sit back and relax this holiday season!

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“Prioritize your time wisely. Plan your week out in advance. Create a daily “to-do list” to keep yourself accountable. My motto has always been….plan it, write it down, then execute. In that exact order!”

Brenda Michel, MUA in Seffner, FL

“Pre-stuff all shopping bags, take pre-orders & last but not least, hire help even if it’s just for busier hours or the weekends. Plan for retail. Shopping early gets the best items!”

Fiona, hairstylist in San Diego, CA
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“Ask your clients to pre-book their appointments. Open your schedule up to serve all your clients. This is busy season so take advantage!”

Brenda Santos, lash & brow artist in Lakeland, FL

“Plan your holiday deals in advance. Stock up on products and post your next availability online. Use an agenda for appointments and review it the night before to be prepared.”

Abi Camilo, lash artist in Bradenton, FL

“I am big on presentation. Keeping nail decals and stickers in a binder is a great way to show them off to clients so they can see all of their options. I add labels for quick access and I store them in alphabetical and numerical order.”

Jackie Coffee, nail artist in Lakeland, FL

Logo for the Instagram content planning app, "Planoly"

“I like to use content posting apps! My favorite is Planoly, which allows me to upload a picture and a caption ahead of time so my posts and promotions are ready for the holidays!”

Sarah Boudreau, hairstylist in Lunenburg, MA

“I keeping a running list on my phone of items that I’m low on so that I know exactly what I need on my weekly supply run.”

Chavaun DeVore, hairstylist and MUA in Murfreesboro, TN

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