Bob Haircut Inspiration for 2023!

3 images of bob haircuts by Katie Malone

Trendsetter Hailey Bieber recently debuted her new bob haircut, so we already know we’re going to see more of this style in 2023. Bobs are a major trend right now, but we don’t think the bob ever went out of style.

It’s the perfect haircut to accentuate your facial features while giving you a chic look. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through some of the most popular bob haircuts and give you some inspiration photos to show that this cut looks great on all hair types.

Bob Haircut Inspiration

There are many different styles of bob haircuts to choose from which is what makes them so versatile. Depending which style you choose, it can completely change up your look. Check out some bob haircut inspiration from ENVY artists!

The Asymmetrical Bob

The asymmetrical bob haircut is longer on one side than the other. It is usually cut to chin length on one side and shoulder length on the other and styled with a deep side part. Try this haircut if you’re wanting an edgy look!

Paris Gilbert
Bartlett, TN
Rob Ray
Fountain Valley, CA

Blunt Bob

A blunt bob is likely what you picture when you think of a traditional bob haircut. The hair is cut to the same length all around the head and doesn’t involve cutting any layers.

Amy Santana
Las Vegas, NV
Grant Bennett
New York, NY
Coral Gables, FL

The Lob (Long Bob)

The long bob haircut is perfect for those wanting to cut their hair shorter, but not too short.

Tiffany Mae
San Diego, CA
Kara Zalesny
Poughkeepsie, NY
Milan Alcinor
Fort Lauderdale, FL

A-Line Bob

A-Line bobs are shorter in the back and longer in the front, giving a chic angular look. The angle can be as dramatic or as subtle as you like.

Leo Chau
New York, NY
Nina Nears
San Diego, CA
Jessica Willson
Ferndale, MI

French Bob

French bobs are chin-length bobs styled with natural, textured waves and bangs. This haircut was popular in the 1920s and is resurfacing as one of the most popular haircuts of 2023. This ultra-chic look will have you feeling like a runway model.

Cassidy Wilke
Milwaukee, WI
Katie Malone
Los Angeles, CA

Layered & Shaggy Bobs

Add texture and movement to your bob haircut by cutting tons of layers. This is a great style for both thin and thick hair. If you have thick hair, this haircut will remove some of your hair’s weight. For those with thin hair, adding layers will give your hair a fuller look.

Kai Sos
Irvine, CA
Chris Nguyen
Santa Monica, CA
Misty Limburg
Carlsbad, CA

Rounded Bob

The rounded bob haircut gives a softer look with its spherical silhouette. This haircut is great for fine, straight hair as it will add volume.

Carline Metellus
Coral Gables, FL
Marcela Villalba
San Diego, CA

Ways to Style Your Bob

Now that you’re familiar with some of the most popular bob haircuts, it’s time for styling suggestions! Below are even more inspiration photos proving that the bob haircut will complement all hair types.

Straight Bobs

Katie Malone
Los Angeles, CA
Chloe Thomas
Los Angeles, CA
Deylin Amaya
Los Angeles, CA

Curly Bobs

Jason Lamar
New York, NY
Samantha Sellars
Valencia, CA
Nina Nears
San Diego, CA

Wavy Bobs

Susan Ting
New York, NY
Olivia Melsh
Carlsbad, CA
Washington, DC

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