6 Tips to Know Before Getting a Spray Tan

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Wouldn’t it be nice to enter spring and summer with a bronzed glow? Getting a spray tan will make that dream a reality! It’s a convenient and safe way to achieved sun-kissed skin without having to expose yourself to harmful UV rays. If you’re new to spray tanning, your first appointment may seem a bit overwhelming. That’s why we asked spray tan technician Ariel Farthing to answer some of her most frequently asked questions. These tips will help you prepare for your appointment so you can walk out with a flawless, natural looking tan!

How should I prep for my spray tan?

  • Shower and exfoliate the night before your spray tan appointment.
  • No showering, no exfoliating, and no lotion within 2 hours of your appointment.
  • Wait at least 8 hours before showering after your spray tan appointment. 12 hours for darker results.
Pregnant woman in a bikini on the beach with medium shade spray tan
Medium Spray Tan

What type of product do you use?

Beettan is a one-color solution that is plant based, organic, and vegan. The beets in the solution react with your skin tone to give you a customized, natural bronzed glowing tan. No orange residue and no unnatural looking results! Beettan is aloe-based formula that is freshly made and has no makeup bronzer or harsh chemicals.

Image of Beettan Spray Tan products
Beettan Products

What do I wear during a spray tan?

Wear whatever YOU are most comfortable with! If that’s your birthday suit, awesome! If that’s a one-piece bathing suit, AMAZING! I want you to know that I am not staring at you – I’m looking at my lines to make sure that you get the best spray tan possible!

Image of a woman sitting on the beach with a medium spray tan
Medium Spray Tan

What do I wear after my spray tan?

I recommend you wear baggier clothing after your spray tan. Any t-shirt works well; joggers, running shorts, or even pajama pants are great options for bottoms after your spray tan. The reason I don’t recommend jeans, tight leggings, or anything of that nature is because there is the potential for the tan to come off with those. If that’s all you have, it is unlikely that the tan would be ruined, we just don’t want to chance it! The one thing that WILL ruin your tan is compression leggings. I’m talking, the super tight, suck everything in, make you look like a size 00, compression leggings (not hating on those of you who ARE a 00, I am just NOT and that would be the reason why I would wear them LOL).

How long should I wait to shower?

I would honestly wait to shower the full 12 hours for best results. This is what I do personally and am never disappointed with my results!

Photo of a woman standing on the beach with a floral one piece bathing suit and a light/medium spray tan
Light/Medium Spray Tan

Can I go to the gym before I shower off my fresh tan?

NO! Please don’t do this. It is extremely important that you RINSE the tan off (I emphasize rinse because you don’t want to wash your entire body on that initial shower). Why just rinse? Because we don’t want any soaps to take your tan off. Because I use an all-natural product, things like essential oils can strip your tan right off. Back to the gym thing – if you were to go to the gym and sweat before you rinse your tan off, you run the risk of a streaky tan. While it isn’t likely, I don’t recommend it just because I want you to look absolutely FLAWLESS!!

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