13 Natural Curly Hairstyles

Curly Hair Style Inspiration

We’ve collected a list of curly styles for your hair with details on how to get the look!

Curly hairstyles come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you are going for effortless-looking waves or perfectly set sophisticated curls, we’ve gathered a list of some of our favorites. Mix up your look with some fresh new inspiration below.

1. Old Hollywood Glam Hair Curls

Old Hollywood glam brown curly hairstyle

Old Hollywood glam curly hairstyles are all about refinement. Keeping the curls together and contained is what makes this look so sophisticated and always in style.

Brandie Johnson, Frisco, TX

2. Defined Beachy Waves Hairstyles

brown hair with beachy waves

This defined take on beachy waves allows for more structure to a curly hairstyle while still giving off the impression it’s effortless and stunning.

Nikki Ventriello, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

3. Thick Spiral Curly Hairstyle

bold blonde separated curly hairstyle

If you want your curly hairstyle to be separated and bold, these spiral curls stand out and add volume.

Cassady Watterson, Twin Falls, ID

4. Soft Brushed Curly Hair

long black hair with soft brushed curls

Soft brushed curly hairstyle pairs beautifully with long hair. The curls take on a much flatter appearance while accentuating the length and adding texture to your hair.

Joanna Moran, Clifton, NJ

5. Loose Blonde Curly Waves

natural hair blonde curly hairstyle

Effortless indeed. This curly hair look leaves the top of the hair natural, with a loose wave in the middle to the bottom section. This gives an otherwise straight style a noticeable lift.

Rachel Parr, Bedford, NH

6. Soft, Long Beachy Waves

long beachy waves brown hair

Taking the beachy wave and lengthening out the curls can changes the look dramatically. It’s perfect for long hair!

Nikki Ventriello, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

7. Straight to Wavy Hairstyle

Photo of woman with blonde hair and wavy hair at the bottom

Natural straight hair up top helps to accentuate the curly hair waves at the bottom. Continuing the waves to the front to frame the face brings everything together.

Demitra Galluzzo, Oceanside, NY

8. Tight Curls

naturally curly tight hair curls

If your hair is naturally curly, tight curls can help to better define them and give them a more sophisticated look.

Lay’la Zhané, Arlington, TX

9. Slight Hair Waves

long pink hair with light curls

These slight curly hair waves give this long hair an elevated look, emphasizing the pink fashion color in all the right places.

Deylin Amaya, Los Angeles, CA

10. Brushed Beachy Waves

beachy waves with flat hair brush strokes

Another trick in the book. Once you’ve finished creating your beachy waves, take a big flat brush and run it through your hair to soften the look for more natural-looking curly hair.

Sara Rose, Richmond, VA

11. Classic Curly Hairstyles

curly blonde hair with a curling iron style

If you don’t want a shy curly hair look, then using an old-fashioned curling iron will give you curls tight style. Hairspray needed!

Krystle Dutton, Beaverton, OR

12. Loose Spiral Curly Hairstyles

loose spiral curls for thicker looking thicker hair

Loose spiral hair curls are a great way to add the appearance of thicker hair. If your hair doesn’t hold a curl, set your style with hairspray and let gravity naturally transform it as the day goes on. You may like the evolution!

Hollie Slaton, Mansfield, OH

13. Matching Curls Hairstyles

auburn uniformed curly hairstyle

Like your curly hair to be matchy, matchy? Use the same direction, method, and size in the lower section of your hair to create a more uniform curl all over.

Alisha Tompkins, Kingston, NY

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