33 Valentine’s Day Looks You’ll Love!

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It’s February and love is officially in the air! We’ve gathered some of our favorite Valentine’s Day looks from ENVY artists to help inspire your holiday glam. From hair, to nails, to makeup, ENVY’s got you covered with all of the pink and red you can dream of!

A Valentine’s Day Extravaganza

We can’t get enough of this look! The color, the embellishments, and the details in this hairstyle are absolutely perfect!

Red hair with rhinestones and heart decals.
Brianna James
Austin, TX

Abstract Heart Nails

If you tend to book french manicures, add these cute heart characters to your nails for Valentine’s Day!

Traditional french manicure with red heart decals that have eyes drawn on them.
Lisa Selenschek
Grayslake, IL

Glossy Pink Nails

These pink, sparkly nails will match perfectly with your lip gloss!

Light pink nails with a sparkly, clear top coat.
San Jose, CA

Pink Eyeshadow

Adding eyeshadow to the inner and outer corners of your eyes will make your look POP!

Girl wearing pink eyeshadow on the inner and outer corners of her eyes with winged eyeliner and lashes.
Makeup by Yasuly 
Phoenix, AZ

3D Heart Manicure

Bring your nail art to a whole new level with these 3D hearts! Alternate colors on each finger to make this look even more fun!

Purple, pink and green acrylic nails with a 3D, glitter heart decal on each finger.
Abrianna Reeves
Burbank, CA

Airbrushed Heart Nails

These pink and red airbrushed hearts are dreamy and will make your mirror selfies magical!

Airbrushed pink and red nails with white heart decals.
Cindy Ramos
Los Angeles, CA

Lip Blushing

Have the most kissable lips this Valentine’s Day! Permanent makeup will ensure that you won’t have to reapply lipstick all night. Find an artist who does lip blushing in your area!

Woman's lips with permanent, blush pink lipstick tattooed.
Carrie Brown
Clearwater, FL

Hot Pink Eyeshadow

Add a lighter shade around the edge of your eyeshadow to make the color stand out. We love how this hot pink eyeshadow pops on darker skin tones!

Black woman smiling and wearing hot pink eyeshadow.
Jamie Kimbrough
Atlanta, GA

Bling Heart Nails

To make room for larger nail decals, have your design span over two nails!

Nude, long nails with a rhinestone heart decal on her middle two fingers.
Nails by Tammy
Anaheim, CA

Monochrome Hearts

No colors? No problem! This black and white heart manicure is perfect for those who still want to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but prefer a more neutral color palette.

Black and White alternating nails with a heart decal of the opposite color in the middle of each nail.
Ashmita Lama
New York, NY

Pink Hues

This eyeshadow look blends different pinks and peaches for a dreamy Valentine’s Day look!

Mia S
Chicago, IL

Bright Red Hair

Fully commit to your love for Valentine’s Day with this bright red hair color!

Back of a woman's head with curly bright red hair standing in front of a floral background.
Kimberly Davidson
Philadelphia, PA

Wear Your Heart on Your Nails

Add a little holiday cheer to your everyday manicure with a simple accent nail.

Red nails with one white nail that has a simple black heart decal.
Lisa Selenschek
Grayslake, IL

Pink Space Buns

This is such a cute hairstyle for Valentine’s Day! If you look closely, the pink hair in the buns look like little hearts!

Black woman with black and pink braided hair styled into two space buns.
Makela Keita
Bowie, MD

Anti-Valentine’s Day Nails

Just went through a breakup and not in a lovey dovey mood? These nails are for you!

Pink nails with blood drips, and hearts that say 'bye," "hide," "run," and "ew"
Jacksonville, FL

Red Hot

For those wanting to show off their fierce side this Valentine’s Day, this red eyeshadow look is guaranteed to turn heads!

A bold red eyeshadow look with white eyeliner under the eye and false eyelashes.
Lucca Voltoio
Philadelphia, PA

Yin & Yang Hearts

We’re still obsessed with this nail art from last year’s newsletter! Not receiving our newsletter? Subscribe today by scrolling to the bottom of ENVY’s homepage!

Manicure with 3 red french tips and a while outline and 2 nails with a red and white heart "Yin & Yang" design
Nails by Tammy
Anaheim, CA

Don’t Forget Your Red Lipstick

Red lips are always a good idea!

Black woman wearing silver eyeshadow and bright red lipstick.
Selina Moeng
Andover, MA

Bubblegum Pink Hair

This bubblegum pink hair is so sweet…just like all of the candy we’ll be consuming on February 14th!

Woman with long, wavy hair dyed bubblegum pink.
Mari Nazaryan
Burbank, CA

Itsy Bitsy Hearts

Pro tip for creating the perfect heart decal: Place two dots of polish next to each other and connect them at the bottom with a “V.”

Nude manicure with a bunch of tiny, red hearts.
Dallas, TX

Totally Blinged Out

Add some bling to your itsy bitsy heart manicure!

Nude manicure with crystal decals and lots of little red hearts.
Tyler Craine
Roy, UT

Magenta Hair

Texas colorist Brittany Shadle is a pro at creative coloring! Check out her profile for some of the most vibrant looks.

Woman with magenta hair styled with a curling iron.
Brittany Shadle
New Caney, TX

Pink and Purple Eyeshadow

This romantic makeup application blends pink and purple together for a look that would be perfect for a sunset dinner!

Woman with pink and purple eyeshadow, false lashes, and nude lipstick.
Caitlin Gordon
Los Angeles, CA

Heart-Shaped Hairdo

In this look, the hair is twisted to create a heart shape! This simple, yet elegant hairstyle is a great addition to any Valentine’s Day look.

Blonde hair is twisted in the back to form the shape of a heart.
Jessica F.
Oakland, CA

Pink and Purple Hair

Can’t decide on a vibrant hair color? Blend pink and purple together to create a gorgeous, unique color with lots of dimension!

Back of a woman's head with hair that's dyed purple and pink.
Iris Escobar
Grand Rapids, MI

Classy Red Heart Nails

We love a fun twist on the french manicure! This all-red look incorporates a couple of painted hearts to get your nails ready for Valentine’s Day.

Red french manicure but the ring and middle finger have heart decals.
Ana R
Woodland Hills, CA

Braided Heart

Ask your hairstylist to braid in a heart for the ultimate Valentine’s Day hairstyle!

Black braids with a heart design braided into the side.
Erin Goins
Florence, KY

Red Kisses

Spice up your red manicure with a flirty accent nail!

A red manicure with a ring finger accent nail that has lip/kiss decals.
Chicago, IL

Cute Pink Nails

Trade in the white french tip for a wavy, light pink french tip. Add some red hearts for the cutest Valentine’s Day manicure!

Manicure with light pink tips and red heart decals.
Lisa Selenschek
Grayslake, IL

Heart Ponytail

How creative is this braided heart?! It’s the perfect hairdo for your kids to wear to school.

Back of a woman's ponytail with a heart design braided around the ponytail.
Gowsika Ravichandran 
Louisville, KY

Black to Red Ombre

This blend is for the edgy girls! We love the dramatic black to red ombre in this look.

Back of a woman's head with ombre hair that goes from black to bright red.
Chavaun DeVore
Murfreesboro, TN

Little Hearts Everywhere

Incorporate additional colors into your manicure by adding an outline to your heart decals!

Long, pink nails with red and white heart decals.
Heidy Garcia
New York, NY

Don’t Forget Lash Extensions!

Lash extensions will complete any Valentine’s Day look. Did you know Esmeralda offers colored lash extensions? Check out her article on the glamorous lash trend HERE.

Hybrid lash extensions shown in a heart shaped mirror.
Esmeralda Castillo
Glendale, AZ

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