5 Haircuts Trending in 2023

We found the most popular trending haircuts heading into 2023. See the celebs rockin’ the look and artists on ENVY that can do it just as good.
Photo of two women with 2023 trending haircuts

2023 is sure to be filled with new trends, especially when it comes to haircuts. Our team has found five of the most popular haircuts being sported by the biggest celebrities – from a short, blunt textured bob to long luscious layers! We even found real hairstylists on ENVY serving them up just as good IRL. Check out this quick hit list that will be sure to have a style to catch your eye. Scroll for some major haircut inspo!

1. Short Textured Bob

Certain to be a staple of 2023 trends, the short textured bob is as chic as it is playful. Adding waves or curls only helps to elevate the cut even more.

Celeb Rockin’ the Look: White Lotus Season 2 Star, Aubrey Plaza pulls off this gorgeous textured cut just above the shoulders so effortlessly.

photo of womens hair brunette short bob

Found on ENVY: Hairstylist Kristin Best, from Burbank, CA gives her client the same textured and styled bob that’s perfect for perfect for every aspect of life. Don’t live in Burbank? Find it near you!

photo of brunette womens long bob textured haircut

2. Mixie Cut

If you ever thought the mullet could make a comeback, well you’re not alone. It’s back, but with a twist. This trend combines the pixie and mullet to make quite the statement. Not to mention, requiring very low day-to-day upkeep other than more frequent trims.

Celeb Rockin’ the Look: The Crown’s captivating Emma Corrin, went from Princess Di’s twin, to edgy trendsetter almost overnight with their version of the mixie cut.

Photo of emma corrin blonde mixie haircut

Found on ENVY: We can’t get enough of Mariah Hollet’s take on this mixie. Especially that pop of color!

Photo of woman with brunette mixie haircut with pop of green color

3. The Butterfly Haircut

Think voluminous, gorgeous hair flowing back and forth after letting your hair down. There’s no shortage of show stopping glamour in this cut. If you have long thick hair, this is the look for you.

Celeb Rockin’ the Look: Of course the queen herself Jennifer Lopez, looks even more glamorous with this stunning butterfly haircut.

Photo of Jennifer Lopez butterfly haircut

Found on ENVY: Hairstylist Raul Anthony, San Francisco, CA, gives us the everyday look of the butterfly cut. This is an “IRL” moment that gives us faith we can all have our JLO moment.

Photo of brunette balayage butterfly haircut

4. Blunt Bob

Be prepared for sharp edges in 2023, because the blunt bob is only getting more and more popular. Clean lines coupled with straight sleek hair has this haircut here for the long haul.

Celeb Rockin’ the Look: Kourtney Kardashian serves a sultry look with her short blunt bob sitting just above the shoulders. Simple yet everything.

Photo of Kourtney Kardashian blunt bob haircut

Found on ENVY: Hairstylist Katie Malone from Los Angeles, CA nailed this take on the blunt bob. So much in fact, maybe Kourtney Kardashian has found a new hairstylist to call? Find the look near you!

Photo of a woman with brown hair and blunt bob haircut

5. Curtain Bangs

A huge look of 2022, the curtain bang is coming back for 2023, but with a slight update. The curtain bang has been merged with wispy bangs surrounded by layers around the face.

Celeb Rockin’ the Look: Billie Eilish owns this look no matter what hair color she’s sporting, or if she’s going punk or classic.

Photo of Billie Eilish with blonde hair and bangs

Found on ENVY: Nashville based hairstylist Heidi Anderson knows how to cut bangs. This curtain bang look effortlessly blends into layers around the face giving us all the feels.

Photo of woman with red hair and curtain bangs

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