Colored Lash Extensions to Elevate Your Look

Spice up your eye makeup with colored lash extensions! We’ve gathered all the details on this glamorous lash trend, so now all you have to do is book the look!

Looks and Tips By: Esmeralda Castillo – Glendale, AZ

Looking to add a pop of color to your everyday lash look? Inked Aesthetics in Glendale, Arizona offers colored lash extensions and they’ve become a huge hit! We sat down with Esmeralda Castillo and had her answer some of ENVY’s burning questions on this trend. Keep scrolling to learn more about colored lash extensions and how they work!

Photo of an eye with black and lavender colored lash extensions.
Lavender Eyelash Extensions

How are colored lash extensions applied?

This technique is just a little bit of wispy spikes (helps to create dimension) in between lash fans & mixing it up with a little bit of color! For this specific set of colored lash extensions, my client chose lavender.

Does it cost more than normal lash extensions?

My answer is that it’s solely up to the provider! I personally do! It’s a $5 add-on, and I will get the exact color my clients are looking for. I also have glow in the black light, glitter, and I can even add decals! I love art!!!

Photo of an eye closed with neon blue colored eyelash extensions that glow in the dark under a blacklight.
Glow in the Dark Neon Blue Eyelash Extensions

My most popular color has to be black… totally kidding! It’s honestly a tie between red & blue, but I have done full brown sets to blue or green!

Photo of a woman with her eyes open showing off her red and black colored eyelash extensions.
Red Eyelash Extensions

What inspired you to start doing colored lash extensions?

I have the most diverse clientele & I absolutely love it! I have my rebels & I have my clients who keep it natural. They love being asked if those are their real lashes! In addition to my clients, another inspiration is my sister. My sweet sister asked me to add red for her sweet sixteen! By then I had more practice & had her looking fabulous on her special day.

What color will look best with my eyes?

I will always give suggestions based on what clients are looking for as far as look & overall appearance for their colored lash extensions. I will definitely back them up on their choices. If they want orange & yellow lashes, let’s do it. I am here to have fun & make their day even better! All colors look great on anyone!

Close up photo of a woman's eyes with black and pink eyelash extensions
Pink Eyelash Extensions

Why should I add colored lash extensions to my business?

That feeling of gratitude, appreciation, excitement, change, new & overall complete awe is exactly why you need colored lashes in your services! That first look they take & sigh is just everything! I get just as excited when I see their reaction to their lashes!

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