How to Lighten Your Hair with Minimal Damage

Tips from hairstylist Sam Donato – Spring, TX.

Safely lightening your hair starts with the products you use in your current hair care routine. Damage can be caused by so many different things, not just the hair color or lightener. Preventing damage at home will help keep your hair in optimal shape for lightening. Here are some tips on how to lighten your hair while keeping it in great shape!

Use quality products

What your hair stylist recommends will be perfect. The most important being the shampoo and conditioner you use. Some drugstore products can cause lots of build up and even damage your hair. Build up can cause a reaction with lightener and possibly damage your hair.

Long bleach blonde hair styled with beach waves

Use a heat protectant

This will help prevent heat damage while using any sort of hot tool on your hair.

Medium length dirty blonde hair with highlights and a shadow root.

Get a shower head filter

If you have hard or well water, get a shower head filter. Chemicals from hard or well water can cause reactions with lightener and cause damage.

Long natural blonde hair with extensions and dimension.

Don’t put your hair up while wet

This can cause damage to your hair such as breaking off and making it fragile. This is not a good state to lighten your hair in.

Medium length dirty blonde hair with highlights and a straight edge hair cut

Don’t wear your hair up all the time

It can cause your hair to break off, especially around your face.

Long straight ashy blonde hair with highlights

If you are seeing a new stylist, do some research before

Not all stylists create equal work. Make sure you are going to someone who specializes in your needs. Here are some green flags to look for in a stylist:

  • Your stylist has an amazing website with lots of info
  • Your stylist has great social media pages that they are consistently posting on
  • Your stylist posts great before and after photos
  • Your stylist talks about using products like Olaplex, K18, bond builders/protectors, etc.
  • Your stylist uses no/minimal heat while you’re processing
  • Your stylist makes it really easy to book your appointments
Medium length dirty blonde wavy hair with purple highlights.

Have realistic goals when you see your stylist.

If you are wanting to go considerably lighter, it is better to break it up into sessions to achieve that end goal. This is gentler on your hair and will cause less damage. The only thing left to do is to trust your stylist to do their thing.

Hopefully you now have a better understanding on how to lighten your hair safely. Enjoy your beautiful, healthy, blonder hair!

Long bright blonde hair with hip length extensions.

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